Thursday, 31 December 2009

Team William Videoclip

It's here! the new videoclip of Team William! The two directors are my friends Michélé De Feudis and Joris Bergmans. I animated all of the walkcycles, God and that bouncing little duck you see in the background a lot. ;)
The other people who worked on it are: Lois Van Baarle,
Michèle Vanparys and Maxim Vandeputte. Great job everyone. Now let's make some more!


tek! said...

a hooker with 3 tits. total recallin' awesome!

Keunemeun said...

Design of the hooker by Michélé. He's the Paul verhoeven of animation!
I only did the design of God.

Jens said...

geweldig :)

Brecht Debaene said...

double bounce madness-yo!