Thursday, 29 January 2009

the Secret of Kells official trailer!

oh boy, what a feast! at last, the much awaited feature film: the secret of kells is about to be released (by no less than Disney: Later I can tell my children that I was an intern on a disney feature :) but not really, because they only release the film. ) It was a kickass internship: and although there wasn't much work left, I still got to learn a lot. And I met plenty of fantastic animators, especially Pascal Vermeersch: kick ass animator, mentor and a big 'big lebowski' fan.
I can't wait to see it. I hope you all unleash a viking attack to your nearest kinepolis! and after the movie: to stay in the mood: drink a couple of guinnes stout beers!

here's a color key for my graduation film.


tek! said...

aha! die kortfilm krijgt al meer vorm.
ben benieuwd!!

tomm said...

love the woody Allen design nice work good luck man

Keunemeun said...

thx alot tomm. good luck for you too ;)