Sunday, 2 March 2008

Run And Draw

Here's one for ya: how about trying to improve your drawing skills AND develop a youthful physique at the same time? Impossible you say? Alas, my friends. It is possible. What are the ingredients: great weather, running shoes, shorts, a pencil and a sketchbook! the target: 1 hour running and 1 hour drawing! But not at the same time ofcourse. I ran to the Brielmeersen (a lovely park in Deinze), drew some animals and ran back home: Win win situation!


willborough said...

ah de brielmeersen en zijn dierentuin. It brings back memories... Knappe schetsen!


Keunemeun said...

de Brielmeersen zijn geniaal. Al die echte vlaamsche dieren. Heerlijk!

Chaylse said...

Well said.