Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Cut-out animation

This is the character I made for a cut out animation assignement. I shall call him...VALENTINO!


Jim Smith said...

Nice design, man.Is that for flash or traditional animation?

Wouter said...

Traditional cut out I suppose. I don't think they work with flash at our film school, or do they Keun?

't Is idd een zalig karakter, al ben ik meer voor uw traditionele mannekes :P

Keunemeun said...

Hey guys, it's indeed cut out animation: I drew the character on paper, inkted it, and then I made the textures with pastelpencils. Then I put it all together in photoshop. Now I am animating it in After Effects.
This is not my preferred type of animation but it's still cool we do it.

Wouter: We do work with Flash but we don't get any assignements with that software. It's up to us to do something with it.

Boris Hiestand said...

Hey there,

good luck with your studies- your animation clips below are promising!

Anonymous said...

yuw koen,
thx voor de post,

hier staan zelf ook wa toffe dingen op zoals de graphic novel en da paard/koets decoreke. maar uw lipsync is uitermate goed,
daar gaat ge puntn mee scoren als ge het mij vraagt.
keep them coming